Best Powerbank Outdoor that Can Charge in The Sun

by Equinox Technology on September 14, 2021

Do you often do outdoor activities? Do you like camping? Climb? or Tour? if you do outdoor activities, it feels very risky if you survive only by relying on your built-in battery and charger. sometimes you don't have time to charge your gadget, because you are busy with outdoor activities.

And now the solution is there. Highly recommended, you must bring this Powerbank. By bringing this Powerbank, you don't have to worry about the power from your gadget being low anymore. Eeits don't think that this is just a Powerbank in general. This power bank can charge itself in the sun.

Can Auto Charging Under the Sun

two re charge solar powerbank

Solar Panels utilize the energy of sunlight, and sunlight is the most abundant form of energy available on our planet. With solar system technology, the absorption of sunlight is converted into battery power through the surface of the solar panel.

So the wider the surface, the more sunlight that can be captured. So it can produce a large amount of power and is also environmentally friendly. So you can put this power bank in the sun all day and you can continue your activities without having to worry about charging it.

Has Features That Are Suitable For Outdoor Activities

outdor powerbank

There are so many things that you need when you do outdoor activities. This power bank has a lot of features that you need. One of them is the capacity of this Powerbank battery. This battery has a capacity of 30000 mAH and also has a Li-polymer battery type.

That way this Powerbank can accommodate enough power to charge your electronics. In addition, this item has supporting features such as LED lights. So you no longer have to worry about running out of power in your flashlight and you can survive in the dark.

Very Supportive Design and Materials

design solar powerbank

If you do outdoor activities, you don't need to worry anymore about the safety of this Powerbank. This power bank has a flexible material and a strong design. So that this power bank is durable. And it's very safe if you take it everywhere without fear of falling.

In addition, this Powerbank has a Waterproof/waterproof feature and a Dirtproof/mud-resistant feature. So you don't have to worry if this Powerbank falls into the water or gets hit by mud.

Minimalist Price

design outdoor trip solar powerbank

Surely you think the price of this Powerbank is very expensive, right? on the contrary. Behind all kinds of functions and advantages provided by this product. It turns out that in addition to its minimalist design, the price is also minimalist.

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Movic - Solar Power Bank 30000mAh | Solar Charger Portable Qi Wireless | Outputs Type-C 5V/3A High-Speed & 2 Inputs Huge Capacity | IPX67 Rating, Shockproof Strong Light LED Flashlights (Black)

solar powerbank
  • ✅ UPGRADED 30000MAH SOLAR CHARGER – The Movic 30000 mAh large-capacity pack is small & lightweight yet powerful external batteries. Charges Apple iPhones 12 8x times, Samsung Galaxy S8 7x, or iPad tablets 3x! (Notes: Solar Charging recommended for emergency use. Approximate charge time in full sunlight if battery completely empty = 84 hours)
  • ✅ QI WIRELESS & 3 HIGH-SPEED CHARGE OUTPUT – The cell phone charger is compatible with any smartphone such iPhone XR/XS/11/11 Pro/8/7/6, Samsung Galaxy S9/S10/Note9/Note10, and all Qi-Enabled electronics, built-in 2 USB output and USB-C output. Allowing you safely charges 4 cellphone simultaneously, and LED can be used as an extra backup light. 1000+ Recharge Life-cycle.
  • ✅ SAFE & INTELLIGENT – Lithium-Polymer Battery (the safest battery type so far) and smart 3rd Gen Chip Technology. Delivers the highest possible charging speed that is 2x faster than other power bank. Solar panels cells converts sunlight energy into power. Wireless charging can support phones with 5W, 7W, 10W output. Type-C output/ input outlets ports. (Note: Please fully charged via wall charger on first use)
  • ✅ RUGGED & HEAVY DUTY IP66 – Made of durable ABS + PC case materials with strong impact resistance (1.5 meters drop tested) Features dust proof, shockproof, and certified IPX 66 waterproof. The built-in strong LED flashlight with 3 Light modes (Steady-SOS-Strobe) This powerbanks perfectsuch as camping, hiking, travel or as emergency accessories.

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