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by Equinox Technology on September 01, 2021

LED Basics

Our eyes are capable of seeing colors in wavelengths between the spectrum of 380 to 750 nanometers. The different colors we see from the LED masks are actually emission of different wavelengths. Red color has the longest wavelength while violet has the shortest.

The wavelength of UV radiation is shorter than violet light. Similarly, the wavelength of infrared light is longer than the wavelength of red light. They can affect our skin but we cannot see them.

Color Table LED Mask Wavelength Interval, Skin Penetration Depth and Treats Skin Conditions
Light energy can penetrate the outer layer of skin, without damaging it while sending energy into the different layers under the surface of the skin to trigger different kinds of beneficial chemical reactions much like how plants are nourished and grow with the energy from the sun.

How to choose a LED face mask for home use?

With the wide variety of LED face masks in the market with similar-looking design, different models, functionality, pricing, usage time etc, choosing the right mask seems a daunting task. That’s why we made this comparison for you.


Safety is a priority. We look for reputable manufacturers, retailers and those backed by professional experts such as doctors and estheticians and products with sufficient genuine user reviews.

Among the selection of different brands and products chosen, we look into the following aspects:

  1. Wavelengths - Which ones & functions
  2. Treatment Modes/ Colors - How many?
  3. Numbers of LED diodes (bulbs) and their grade
  4. Price
  5. Mask Fit
  6. Mask Material


Each wavelength of light has its own specific skin benefits. Pick a device that offers the wavelengths your skin needs.

  • Infrared Light - Not visible to human eyes but it penetrates deepest into the skin for amplified results.
  • Red - Antiaging (lessen fine lines, wrinkles, more supple-looking skin)
  • Blue - Acne control, Acne healing
  • Green - Pigmentation. Fade dark spots.
  • Yellow - Sun damage. Speed up skin recovery

Treatment Modes/ Colors

 The most basic form of machine offers a single color treatment mode. The more comprehensive versatile LED masks offer multiple treatment modes with a combination of different wavelengths and adjustable intensity levels to suit your skin’s needs.

Researches have shown that a combination of wavelengths, at the same time offers greater efficacies. When a treatment mode includes different wavelengths treatment at different sequences (say first Red and then Blue) that provides convenience for users instead.

The key here is to choose a LED face mask with modes that suits your lifestyle and the specific LED colors you need. Just because you see different colors from a mask, it doesn’t mean it offers so many wavelengths.

LED Mask Colors

Some companies market rainbow colors. Take violet and purple light, for example, they may appear similar but they are not quite the same. When you mix wavelengths of red and blue, your eyes perceives that color as purple but it is very different from violet light, a spectral color that has one single wavelength. Similar to Purple, the color Pink and Magenta are non-spectral colors, they are created by mixing different wavelengths.

Yellow on your computer screen is generated by a mix of red and green light, but the yellow that is produced in this way is not the same yellow as you would find in a rainbow that is a spectral yellow. Some masks claim they use white light. There is actually no white wavelength. It is a mixture of many different spectral colors.

Number of LED lights and their grade

Here, both quantity and quality matter. LED treatments through consistent use yield amazing long term results. Look for masks that are durable, uses medical-grade LED lights.


Price often correlates to the number of LED lights, the grade of the LED lights and the material used in the mask. Beware that your skin condition will change over the years so you may consider picking a mask that offers a minimum of 3 wavelengths.

Think about the price you have to pay at professional beauty clinics for a phototherapy (light) facial. By doing this at home, you save money over time. It is worthwhile to equip yourself with a professional-grade one.

Mask Fit

Our preference is face-shaped LED masks because this form of LED masks is more suited to the home use environment as the mask conforms to the contour of the face with a minimal gap between the skin for the skin to breathe and sweat within the mask.

When compared to the flat LED boards or the arch shape LED device, the face-shape ones allow users to lay down comfortably during the 10 to 20 mins of treatment time and saves storage space. Most importantly, this design does not affect other people in the same household and avoid them staring into or disturbed by the bright lights.

Mask Materials: Polycarbonate, Plastic or Silicone

From the material perspective, we prefer Polycarbonate and Plastic over the bendable silicon. Since they allow a gap between the mask and the skin, allowing skin to breath and sweat. It is also more durable as the lights are securely fixed and not subject to the wear and tear of constant bending.

Polycarbonate provides up to 89% light transmission while plastic provides 80%. Polycarbonate provides excellent impact and weather resistance, compared to the average resistance in the case of plastics. It is self-extinguishing and plastic is flammable.

Our Verdict

LED Mask Amazon

Soji is a leading brand on amazon in beauty technology. A new and innovative hands-free mask that is shown to speed healing, boost anti-aging properties, and kill bacteria. The NanoActive Light-Therapy Mask allows you to receive quality LED treatments, without obstructing your view or tying you to a spa chair. Self-care should hold an essential spot in your everyday routine. Helps you prioritize yourself, without taking away from your everyday duties.

Uses 7 or 3 types of light sources: red, blue, orange, purple, green, cyan, & light purple colors.

Soji LED Mask Amazon

Recommended by Skin Health Alliance.

Proud to be part of the beauty treatment device at your home. By listening carefully to its customers, Soji by Equinox Technology collaborate with top institutes, partners and consultants to offer high-quality products and materials

Buy LED Mask on Amazon

  • ✅ 7 COLOR LIGHT MASK - Designed with 7 different color sources with each benefit in each color. Helps soften and smooth your skin, revitalizes skin, eliminates wrinkles, and inhibits oil secretion.
  • ✅ PERFECT FOR ALL SKIN TYPES - Soji LED mask is perfect for all skin types and it delivers facial beautification even for the most sensitive skin types. Really a Perfect choice for both men and women.
  • ✅ SKIN SAFETY Design - Soji Therapy mask uses the fixed wavelength natural light waves safe for your skin to promote blood circulation, produce rich collagen, accelerate metabolism, lock in moisture, increase skin elasticity and improve skin quality with no side effects.
  • ✅ RECHARGEABLE and Lightweight - Our LED light therapy can be recharge with a Power bank with a USB Cable, even your laptop so you can carry it around and enjoy the beauty and skincare when you do other things. Our LED mask is also much lighter than other masks, so it's definitely comfortable to use and allowing the user to move while wearing it.
  • ✅ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – We are so confident that you will be happy with your new Soji product but if for any reason. WE PROVIDE 24 MONTHS WARRANTY & 90 DAYS FULL REFUND, NO RETURN REQUIRED .
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